Born in Portage, Michigan (or let's just say Kalamazoo if you don't know Portage), Rob began drawing, painting, observing, thinking, and creating at an early age.

After graduating from Portage Northern High School in 2004, he began study at Central Michigan University. Originally a painting major, Rob’s fascination with building web sites led to a BFA with a Graphic Design Concentration in 2009.

After 12 years of design in Chicago, Rob traveled back to Michigan to dedicate more time to his passion, painting. His artwork takes a broad look at humanity, nature, and observing relationships on not only this planet, but throughout the cosmos. More recently, he has been experimenting with a variety of subject matter, artistic styles, and materials to broaden his skills. More of his recent work finds new applications for seemingly trite and overused techniques, like drip and pour art, while also speaking to the political and social climate of the world around him.

Rob currently lives in Portage, Michigan, where he works from his in-home studio.

Feel free to look around, swing fluidly on some monkey bars, and sincerely enjoy the work displayed here. If you wish to purchase an original piece, please contact Rob.

Thank you for stopping by the Playground, and please, be kind to each other.


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