• Image of She Was Indifferent... Pt 1
  • Image of She Was Indifferent... Pt 1

She Was Indifferent... Pt 1 | November, 2021
Acrylic on Paper | 12" x 9"

Due to the inconsistencies in shipping costs, please

This piece comes framed. Framed size is 11" x 14" x .75"

Continuing with my experimentation with landscapes, this is another of my "drag" pieces. By dragging paint with some sort of tool, I try to create landscapes that make sense and create some sense of relatable emotion.

Shipping is based on estimates within the continental United States. If you live in the Chicago area, please contact me so I can drop the painting off personally and lower the overall cost, rather than shipping it.

If you are outside of the US, I'd be happy to discuss shipping arrangements, as they would require me to provide an estimate. Feel free to contact me with inquiries.

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